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Art Society's Terms of Service


By participating you agree to surrender a part of your soul to Art society.


Self- Reliance

You are entirely responsible for your physical and emotional wellbeing in all regards.



Participate, don’t spectate – Art Society happens only when you get involved.



Be free to be yourself.

We encourage everyone to express themselves openly. We strive to create a safe and free environment for you to do so. Please keep others in mind when choosing how to express yourself (e.g., consent), as others have rights as well.


Leave No Trace

Whatever you bring to Art society, you are responsible to remove it when you leave.



We value cooperation and collaboration. We are a community that looks out for one another.



Everyone is welcome to Art society.



We freely give our time, energy and gifts to the community.



We are stronger together.



The time is here and now, make it count.



Respect the liberties of your fellow human beings.

Our community values respect for all of the individuals who create it. We honor the diversity of our community by respecting the boundaries of our fellow participants and obtaining enthusiastic consent for all of our interactions. We believe only YES means YES. Boundaries must be respected at all times.

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